Carmen Mclean


ADDRESS: 3801 Centerpoint Drive #200, Anchorage, AK 99503

PHONE: 907.903.9992




Carmen McLean is a Realtor® at Jack White Real Estate- Alaska House Hunting. Carmen started a career in real estate because she wanted to be passionate about the work she was doing all while serving her community. Carmen has 15+ years of experience in customer service, tourism and hospitality, and business management. Carmen resided outside the state of Alaska for nearly a decade where she enjoyed travel and outdoor adventures. While away, Carmen earned her Bachelor of Arts in Marketing which has helped her forge a career path unique to her own lifestyle here in Alaska. During Carmen’s time as a Realtor®, she has excelled at getting her clients into homes that meet their wants and needs, advocating for her clients’ best interests, as well as utilizing practical skills to bring negotiations to a successful close. Carmen loves hiking, skiing and everything her home state has to offer.

Previous Work Detail in Business Management



  • Business operations oversight
  • Planning and coordinating
  • Onboarding and retention
  • Accounting and data management
  • Advertising and promotion development