Seller's Checklist



- Does your yard look well maintained?

- Are the trees and bushes trimmed?

- Is your lawn mowed and edged?

- Is your lawn free of weeds?

- Are the decks and patios clean?

- Does your house need painting?

- Are there any exterior holes or cracks?

- Are your walks and porches clean and in good shape?

- Does your roof leak or sag?

- Are any shingles or tiles missing?

- Is your chimney in good shape?



- Are your carpets clean and in good condition?

- Do your carpets need stretching?

- Are there any pet or smoking odors?

- Do your walls have any cracks or holes?

- Do your walls need painting?

- What about that wallpaper?

- Do your ceilings have any water stains, cracks or peeling?

- Do your ceilings need painting?




- Are your appliances clean and in good working order?

- Are your cabinets in good condition?

- Are your countertops in good condition?

- Is your tile grout clean?

- Is your sink stained, chipped, or in need of re-caulking?



- Do your faucets shut off completely?

- Do your sinks drain freely?

- Are your toilets in good condition?

- Are your shower doors shiny?

- Do your tubs need caulking?

- Is your floor in good condition?

- Are your vanities and mirrors in good condition?



- Is your fireplace clean?

- Is the fireplace screen in good shape?

- Are all drapes, shutters and shades clean and working properly?

- Are any window screens bent?

- Do all the windows open and close easily?

- Are the windowsills clean?

- Are your doors in good condition?

- Do any doors sag or stick?

- Do the locks work?

- Is the paint in good condition?

- Do the doors seal tightly?




-Is your basement/attic organized?

- Are they well lit?

- Are they clean?

- Are the stairs in good repair?

- Do the doors open and close easily?

- Are there any signs of insects or rodents?



- Is your garage organized?

- Is it well lit?

- Is the floor swept?

- Are there oil spots or other stains on the concrete?

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